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Varsovia 134

Views and tranquility in Guinardó

The new development, Varsovia 134, is a project that consists of 8 homes, divided into two blocks.

The building contains a block with a ground floor, loft, and four similar floors between.

The other block has a ground floor and two comparable floors, which have covered party walls which work to strengthen the building’s urban layout. All of the homes enjoy a magnificent orientation, full of natural light and whose distribution, surfaces and functions are in line with the current lifestyle.

On the lower floors, the largest homes – which are duplexes – can be found. They have access to a pleasant private garden, perfect for enjoying Barcelona’s warm climate. On the upper floors, we find airy homes with windows on both sides, which flood the space with natural light all day long. At the center of each apartment lies a wooden nucleus, which helps to organize and order the rest of the internal spaces.

The combinaton of these factors ensure the homes are ideally designed for their use and enjoyment – enough reason to consider them an excellent investment.

This project suggests a forward-looking style with a suitable design for the actual needs of the Guinardó district..

Alexa Plasencia y Adriana Plasencia, Plasencia architectural studio..




The Baix Guinardó is a neighbourhood with its own personality, in the large area known as Guinardó. One of the most characteristic urban elements of the zone is the Parque de las Aguas.

Inside the building – a former property of the company Aguas de Barcelona – we find the Casa de las Alturas, a unique building from the 19th Century which has a Neo-Arabic style. The old garden was transformed into a public park in the 1970s, and the residence itself, which was restored at the end of the 80s, became the headquarters of the district.

Another space which has been recovered for the neighbourhood is the former military barracks of Girona. In the 90s, it became a municipal property and was allocated public use.

The avenue, Mare de Deu de Montserrat, unites the Horta neighbourhood with Gracia, and via this main road leading from the residential neighbourhood, the centre of Barcelona can be reached.

Las viviendas

Las viviendas tipo dúplex en la planta baja disponen de un agradable jardín, perfectos para disfrutar del clima de Barcelona.

A partir de la segunda planta nos encontramos con viviendas que respiran a ambos lados, creando unos espacios iluminados con luz natural durante todo el día.

Esta combinación de factores hace que las viviendas sean ideales para su uso y disfrute así como para considerarlas una excelente inversión.

The specifications

Both the project and the execution of the properties are oriented towards an sustainable architecture, energy efficiency and minimum maintenance.

All materials and finishes have been are carefully selected. Highlighting among them, the laminated parquet flooring, the doors and lacquered wardrobe, the Roca appliances and LED cluster lighting.


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